About Us

About Us

Right from the start, our top priority is helping people around the world by giving them the opportunity to earn additional income remotely. We believe that people who need extra income should be able to use a product they can trust. Together with our platform for advertisers, we focus on the exchange of tasks between employees and marketers, where employees can build relationships with companies and discover new products.

Following our long-term strategy, we constantly strive to offer as many innovative features as possible. Behind our vision is rising unemployment around the world due to automation that could kill hundreds of millions of jobs in the next 10 years. There are many more exciting things to come on our platform in the years to come and we will continue to provide what people need.


Good things should be clear and simple. The platform must provide the product that people love and use every day.


We share the common goal of creating a superior platform that enables people to earn money wherever they are.


We want people to know about our business and build our trust by having excellent customer service around the world.


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